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Why LA should be at the top of everyone’s travel list

It’s amazing to me how big and diverse of a country the USA is. While I haven’t traveled much of the land of the free, my wondering mind has been running from state to state for my next adventure. This most recent trip took my to the sunny state of California, and in particular, Los Angeles – the city of angels.

Venus Beach and Santa Monica span the waterfront of Los Angeles and is a must visit in LA

A relatively short (4.5 hr) flight from Toronto, we landed before noon into LAX. Considering the grandness of this international airport, it was easy to navigate our way out to get our rental car and on our way. First stop after dropping off our bags in our hotel was Trader Joe’s and Target for some essentials. Both stores are unfortunately not in Canada so this was a small treat to kick start our trip.

The next morning we headed to Hollywood in search of celebrities. It was an early morning and the streets were still relatively quiet as the shops began to open. This gave us a good amount of time to check out the stars on Hollywood and make a stop at the Chinese Theatre where celebrities have been marking their territory in the mud with their hands and feet. We did this while we waiting for our boarding them for the TMZ celebrity tour bus.

RIP Robin Williams

When our time came to board the bus, the streets were more populated, the sun was heating the ground, and the characters hoping to make a buck or two by getting your photo with them were everywhere… and aggressive. Superman especially – stay away from him.

The two hour tour takes you down the side streets along Hollywood, into West Hollywood, and over to Beverly Hills. Along the way, the tour guide is searching for celebrities who might be driving by, eating brunch, or leaving a gym. On our tour, we didn’t see any but it was a really great opportunity to get our bar rings of the town and see where we wanted to explore independently.

Beverly Hills was quite possibly one of my favourite neighbourhoods and easy to access from Hollywood.

From there, we explored Melrose and Beverly Hills more in-depth – I honestly could have continued exploring the entire trip but knew there was more to do.

The highlight of our trip to LA was hands down visiting the WB studios. The tour is well worth the money and gives you an inside glimpse into some of fan favourite sets like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, the West Wing, and so much more. Not only do you get to walk the streets of NYC in LA, but walk through the prop shop, see how Harry Potter cane to life, and so so much more.

WB is also where such live shows like Ellen and Conan are filmed and we were lucky enough to get tickets to sit in the audience for Conan!

Conan was an amazing experience!

If you head to LA for a trip, be sure to get tickets to any one of these shows. They’re free and usually parking is also free!

You can’t go to LA without a trip to the beach. Venus Beach and Santa Monica beaches span Los Angeles’ waterfront and can easily be accessed on bicycle, rollerblades, or just walking the path that connects the two. Shops line the side streets but after doing a bit of shopping in Venus, I had to steer clear from the vintage and trinket shops that inhabit the area. Instead, we grabbed a coffee at the cafe bar and set up shop at the beach for a few hours to enjoy the ocean.

We were only in LA for a short time but covered a lot of ground. Beverly Hills, Venus Beach, Downtown LA, Burbank, Hollywood, Melrose, West Hollywood… but there was still so much to explore. Guess that means only one thing… I need to go back!

So many colourful and fun walls to take a photo in front of… so many millennials

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