MeWelcome to Travel, Eat, Snap – happy you stopped by!

My name is Ashley and this is my newest adventure into blogging. Many times I’ve tried, and failed at maintaining a blog, but bare with me as I dive into it again.

A bit about moi: I’m a 30-something Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario but an east-coaster at heart, originating from Nova Scotia. I live with my travel-partner and husband B, and my two fur babies (Marty and Kitten). My 9-5 has me living all things social media but I haven’t always been that way. In my past life, I was an academic adviser, an English teacher, and a travel agent, not all at the same time. Growing up in rural Cape Breton, I always dreamed of something bigger, however being afraid of my own shadow prevented me from taking big leaps in life, until I was 23. That’s when I got rid of 90% of my possessions and moved to South Korea.

Since then, I’ve been to 15+ countries, exploring beyond what traditional travel guides recommend doing to see how locals live. Of course, the tourist stuff is cool and all, but the world is too big and life is too short to spend it doing what books tell us.

I love food, beer, and wine – but who doesn’t right? And most of my travels are me walking around aimlessly until I find the most random hole in the wall with the most amazing cheese and wine selection I’ve ever seen. Only to never be able to find it again. But in the end, it’s all part of the adventure.

If you like what you see, let’s stay connected! You can follow me on Instagram or drop me an email at traveleatsnapblog@gmail.com if you have any questions!